EDA Web Branding

URL: [Electra-Da.com]http://electra-da.com/)


EDA a global IT consulting and software company based in Kolkata, India. Electra provides quality custom solutions for today's fast-paced electronic design and automation industry through consulting and product development. The core technical team has extensive experience in managing and developing software solutions in a wide range of technology.


EDA develops customized EDA tools for its customers. Our customers include leading EDA and semiconductor vendors. Electra's core technical team has succesfully delivered the following solutions.

  - Synthesis Frontend Enhancements
  - Finite State Machine extraction
  - High level Synthesis and STA
  - Simulation
  - Verilog2001 Testing

EDA needed total web branding for their company. They needed a decent logo, a web site and promotion of the web site.

Site should follow Dev>Stage>deploy methodology with SCRUM based phased development, testing and deployment.


We at GDZINE reviewed and proposed CSS/XHTML based static web site for EDA.


1 people will work on this project and with $8 per hour.